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Title: Official iMPACT! 4/26 Discussion Thread - RVD's Reign Begins
Post by: Dale on 21 April 2010, 01:22:40 AM
TNA Wrestling taped next week's  edition of Impact tonight from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  Below are full taping results written exclusively for  WrestlingNewsWorld.com by Tim Capture and myself:

* Pre-show match as people load into the Impact Zone - Rosie Molatov (?)  vs Daffney. Rosie is a Team 3D student who wrestles locally as Betsy  Ruth and Miss Betsy Rosie and wins with a sky high. Daffney got hurt.  Rosie did a bonsai drop and crushed Daffney. She hasn't moved for five  minutes and is being attended to. An ambulance has been called for  Daffney and she's going to be stretchered out. She can move her hands  but hasn't sat up. They're taking off the bottom rope now so they can  get her out easier. Paramedics just showed up. She's on the stretcher  now and being taken to the hospital. Dave Penzer said it looks like  she's OK but they're doing everything now as a precautionary measure.

* Xplosion match, Black Machismo Jay Lethal vs. Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea.  Winner via Tower of London after a distraction from Chelsea, Desmond  Wolfe.

TNA Impact (Airing Monday, April 26, 2010 on Spike TV):

* Hulk Hogan out to start the show. He's been on a high since Lockdown  and since Impact last week. To be TNA heavyweight champ now means more  than he thought it could be. He says RVD has a target on his back and  everybody in the back is stepping it up. He mentions Eric Bischoff's new  ranking system that the fans have a big part in it. Hogan says RVD vs.  Hardy could go either way but RVD pulled it out. He hands it to AJ for  being great but the 5 star frog splash changed things up. Hogan brings  out the new champ RVD. Van Dam says Hulk can now call him Mr. TNA Rob  Van Dam. Hogan gives it a try and the crowd is going nuts. RVD is way  over. RVD is feeling the love in the Impact Zone. He says the universe  is full of nothing but positive energy. RVD just wants a fair  opportunity to be RVD. He says no one will understand the connection he  and Hulk have to Mother Earth's finest. Being such cool dudes but also  being such tough dudes. He's one of baddest dudes and will be one of the  greatest champions ever and that's why he's the whole f'n show.

* AJ Styles' music hits and AJ comes out with Ric Flair. Hogan says  nobody invited either one of these ex-champs out here. Crowd is chanting  ex-world champ. AJ says RVD sounds like a Hallmark card. Don't get him  wrong, millions don't get his lifestyle like he doesn't. But he asks if  he's right now. The crowd chants "yes he is". He says he must be because  he was beating his ass last week and slipped off the top rope and  that's why he lost. This week he's in a BS tag match when he should be  getting his rematch. He says it's OK, he'll eventually get his rematch  so put that in your pipe and smoke it you pothead. Flair cuts Hogan off  from talking and says he's not letting other people do his work and  Abyss will be done. Tonight he's going to style and profile. To be the  man you have to beat the man and tonight he'll take Abyss out.

* For the TNA Knockouts title, Angelina Love vs. Tara vs. Madison Rayne.  Winner via schoolgirl on Angelina Love, Madison Rayne. Tara attacks  Angelina Love after the match. Security runs out to break it up but  can't contain them. Tara cries and apologies and then attacks Angelina  again takes her out. Love is left lying on the entrance ramp and is  helped out by security.

* AJ Styles and Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy is announced for  later

* Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian. The referee got knocked out and Matt  Morgan ran out, pushed Moore off the top rope and Kaz hit his finisher  for the win. Samoa Joe's music hits and he comes out to beat up Kaz and  lay him out with a muscle buster.

* No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere: AJ Styles & Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett  & Jeff Hardy. Hardy was about to jump off the top of a ladder on the  stage onto AJ on a table on the floor but at that exact moment Sting  pinned Jarrett in the rafters.

* "The Pope" D'angelo Dinero is out with his arm in a sling and an eye  patch over his left eye. At Lockdown he had the opportunity of a  lifetime, an opportunity to fulfill a dream, to achieve greatness in  becoming TNA Champion. Instead he got screwed due to a pen to the eye.  He says AJ tried to take away Pope's career and food from his mouth. He  asks who AJ thinks he is. He says a tooth for a tooth is in order and  Pope is watching him now. Pope says when we fall down, we get back up.  Every now and then there will be a stumble and that's what this is. Pope  says he ain't forgot about AJ. Out comes Mr. Anderson to interrupt. He  says he's going to call him the Kool Aid Man. Not the OH YEAH GUY but  like Jim Jones because he's drinking the Kool Aid. It's not his fault  they had no hopes and dreams work at gas stations and some even work at  Walmart. He says Kurt Angle is home nursing his boo boo and asks if Pope  is doing the same thing or sack up and get in the ring with him at  Sacrifice. Anderson is making chicken noises now. Pope says the pimp  hand is still strong and pimp slaps Anderson. Anderson attacks Pope back  and security breaks it up.

* For the TNA Tag Team Championship, Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan & Jesse  Neal. Before Team 3D came out they were shown in the back yelling at an  unconscious Syxx-Pac who had been put through a table. One minute into  the match Hall and Nash come out and start fighting Team 3D and Jesse  Neal. Morgan beats up Neal while Hall and Nash fight to the back with  Team 3D. The bell rings and the match is thrown out.

* Team 3D comes back out to help Neal after Morgan has left him lying.  Neal gets on the mic and tells Morgan he's not done. He calls him back  out so he can kick his ass. Team 3D leaves to let him handle his  business. Team 3D come back to redo the call out. After it, Morgan is  interviewed but Hogan interrupts and asks if he wants to go back out and  deal with Jesse Neal or stay and deal with him. Morgan goes out and is  attacked by Neal. Neal has the upper hand until a low blow and belt shot  from Morgan. Shannon Moore comes out and hits a missile drop kick to  chase Morgan off.

* Main event: Ring vs. Ring - Ric Flair vs. Abyss. Winner after a brass  knux shot to the nuts, Ric Flair. Earl Hebner found the knux and  restarted the match. Winner via Black Hole Slam, Abyss. Hogan's music  hits and he comes out collect Flair's ring. Abyss and Hogan pose with  their rings. Hogan knows who he's going to present the ring too, right  here next week, brother.

Doesn't sound nowhere as near as good of a show as this weeks was. Hopefully the add in some video package about the rankings system as I was wanted to know why the fuck they made RVD / Jeff the #1 contender for the belt when on this show they were going to introduce the rankings system. Surely it would have been better for AJ to keep the belt and have his new contender determined through this new system instead of a guy who's had no build towards the title at all.

Abyss winning was extremely predictable and surely Hogan is going to present the ring to...erm...Abyss seen as though he won it? If he does give him it I wonder if he is going to inherit Flair's heel powers to initiate his heel turn?