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Title: Official iMPACT! 4/19 Discussion Thread - Lockdown Fallout
Post by: Dale on 19 April 2010, 05:24:16 PM
This Monday night at 8/7c, experience the aftermath from the "Lockdown"  Pay-Per-View event on SpikeTV!

- Which former TNA World Champion  will be next to face AJ Styles for the World Title? Could it be RVD,  Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy or another former Champion?

- The  Beautiful People will defend the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship  against Daffney and a partner of her choice

- What will be the  fallout from the Lethal Lockdown match from Sunday as Team Hogan  defeated Team Flair?

- Plus, all of your favorite TNA Superstars  will be in attendance, including Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Ric Flair, The  Pope, Abyss, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin  Nash, Desmond Wolfe and many more!

Tempted to watch this on stream over Raw because of the whole issues going on.

The hint at the next #1 contender for AJ's belt is confusing to me. Has RVD even been TNA World Champion as I swear he hasn't? What about Jeff too although I know he was in TNA previously.

Unsure on who Daffs partner will be, presumably it will be either Hamada or ODB as Tara and Angelina have their own issues going on now
Title: Official iMPACT! 4/19 Discussion Thread - Lockdown Fallout
Post by: AngryCaz on 19 April 2010, 06:07:08 PM
Jeff & RVD have never been TNA World Champion. I presume they mean champion anywhere. As I said on MSN, I wouldn't be surprised if Tommy Dreamer debuts and is announced as a former World Champion due to his ECW Championship reigns. - The show actually looks like it could be good.
Title: Official iMPACT! 4/19 Discussion Thread - Lockdown Fallout
Post by: Dale on 19 April 2010, 09:11:28 PM
- Eric Bischoff  wrote the following on Facebook today: "Special surpise for iMPACT  viewers tonight. Don't miss it."

- While it has not been announced by TNA yet, Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam  is on the books for tonight's iMPACT.

Looking like a good night of impact.
Title: Official iMPACT! 4/19 Discussion Thread - Lockdown Fallout
Post by: Dale on 21 April 2010, 02:29:18 AM
Pretty damn good impact I must admit, certainly out trumped Raw although the first hour was very meh. It really seemed to deliver in the big matches throughout the night and had two nice surprises with Joe and RVD winning.

The opening promo did it's job well enough but it just seemed to drag and drag.

Knockouts match was bleh.

Flair promo was as gold as ever and seeing him go wild on the mic and let loose is fucking great. Good tease then for the Lockdown rematch.

RVD vs Jeff was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was awesome (unlike the crowd who use that chant at every opportunity) but was still good enough and was pretty much a standard Jeff / RVD match using the same spots and what not we've seen them use for years before. Pretty stupid for them to give this match away free on TV but at least they made the right choice on putting RVD over.

Lockdown rematch was again a decent enough multiman tag match. Highlight of the match was obviously the JJ / Sting brawl to start the match off and then the return of Joe who just fucked up anyone in his way. Seemed to have shed some weight but could of probably done with dropping a few more. Loved the way he just took care of business and then just left while the other three celebrated. Hopefully we get some sort of explanation as to why he was abducted and the rest in the coming weeks and it's not just forgotten about.

RVD vs AJ I would say was similar to the earlier #1 contender match. Was extremely shocked to see RVD and again like earlier thought it was pretty stupid on giving not only this match, but the title change away on free tv. One little thing that pissed me off though was the fact that the confetti that feel was red and yellow. Even when Hogan's not directly involved he's still involved in it somehow.
Title: Official iMPACT! 4/19 Discussion Thread - Lockdown Fallout
Post by: J.D on 25 April 2010, 12:23:59 AM
TNA was decent.
I am going to start watching it instead of NXT ( I don't bother with Superstars) as my third wresting programme (the almighty Raw and Smackdown remain at the top.)
Anyway the promo was good but as MickieFan said it dragged on, I quite like RVD on the mic. Anyway RVD vs Jeff was ok but I agree nothing special. RVD is much more interesting to watch than Jeff, I've never enjoyed jeff as a wrestler I just like the stunts he pulls at PPV's. The right man went over.

On the one hand I like the unpredictability of RVD winning, on the other it seems a bit stupid and has no build. It's what WWE did with Swagger as well, maybe that's why it irritated me a bit (winning right after the PPV.) These days PPV's aren't that great because so much happens on the shows. They did a good job of keeping RVD and Hardy tight.

The lockdown rematch was good, Samoa Joe was awesome. He layed waste to everyone in a dominant, confident way and I love seeing someone clean the ring (never happens in WWE anymore, now it's just someone runs in to the ring and everyone leaves before they get there.)

RVD and AJ was a good match and yeah I agree the confetti at the end pissed me off. It's not a win for Team Hogan it's a win for RVD.
Title: Official iMPACT! 4/19 Discussion Thread - Lockdown Fallout
Post by: AngryCaz on 25 April 2010, 09:37:00 PM
I enjoyed iMPACT! a lot more than I expected too. I felt as though they were trying to fit ridiculous amounts into the show, but I think it payed off. It's a shame in my eyes, that Hardy and RVD didn't end up main eventing the show with the winner going on to face AJ Styles at Sacrifice - but whatever. I've never been a huge RVD fan, but it'll be interesting to see where he goes as champion.