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Title: 05/12/08 SmackDown Spoilers
Post by: Dale on 26 November 2008, 10:10:11 PM
SmackDown: (Airing 12/05)

 * SmackDown opens with Vickie Guerrero & Edge coming out.

 * Edge b. Kung Fu Naki in a squash match.
- Edge got the win with a spear. After the match Vickie grabs a mic and says Triple H will team up with Jeff Hardy tonight in a tag team gauntlet match. She says they will continue to take on opponents until they lose.

Edge vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match is announced for Armageddon.

 * Maria b. Michelle McCool
- Michelle goes for a superkick.  Maria ducks it and hits her with a roll up for the win.

 * The Bella Twins, Primo Colon, & Carlito are backstage with Maria celebrating her win. Michelle McCool goes up to Maria and kicks her.

 * The Big Show cuts a promo on his steel cage main event match with The Undertaker tonight.

 * MVP is out to the ring next. He cuts a promo talking about his losing streak. He complains about them taking away his
Title: 05/12/08 SmackDown Spoilers
Post by: AngryCaz on 26 November 2008, 10:14:29 PM
Interesting to see Gregory Helms return, hopefully he'll be a mainstay on Smackdown in the coming weeks - Also looks as though Vladimir Kozlov is going to be going after the ECW Championship, which I think is a good move - Have him win the title and try him out as a ultra heel champion; only to have a face get the belt down the line. - I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't drag out the McCool heel turn for longer, it could have been interesting to see it all progress.
Title: 05/12/08 SmackDown Spoilers
Post by: victor4782 on 27 November 2008, 03:57:15 AM
Helms is back as Hurricane? Excellent.
Title: 05/12/08 SmackDown Spoilers
Post by: RyPrax on 27 November 2008, 04:36:36 AM
The gauntlet sounds stupid, if it only lasted 2 teams and one got 10 minutes. Why not just make it those two vs. miz and Morisson? I guess they realized halfway through the tapings they only have like 2 heel teams lol. I do like where they're going with Triple H and hardy though.