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Title: TNA going HD?
Post by: Adampro123 on 7 August 2008, 02:04:39 AM

As reported earlier, TNA is in the final stages of the completion of their "TNAtv" production facility in Nashville, Tennessee. After three years in the making, the massive production facility should be completed within the next few weeks. TNA plans on housing all of their pre and post production, including "iMPACT!", Xplosion, international programming, DVDs, TNA Today, on-air graphics and commercials at the production facility. In a new bit of news, TNA just released a statement saying that they have plans to broadcast their programming in Hi-Definition in the future. "TNAtv is the next logical step in the growth of the company. The ultimate goal is to deliver the best product possible to the fans, and now we will have all the tools to do that," said Kevin Sullivan, Director of Production at TNA. TNA will have one of the largest Hi-Definition facilities in Nashville, Tennessee.

People seemed to get really hyped aboy WWE going HD so i thought i would post that for whoever has HD.